Placement Options

  • There is no cost to interview and no fee unless you hire our candidate.
  • We back our candidates with an unconditional guarantee.
  • We have the resources to find exactly the person, skill set and history of success that you require.
  • Servicing all U.S. Markets.

There are strong and talented candidates looking to achieve new career goals, searching for the perfect environment to allow them such growth. Let us facilitate your stores growth and profitability by placing the perfect people into the right places within your organization.

Call today to discuss how we may assist you: 1- (800) – 934-4072

Individual Placement

What Makes us Different.

We proactively recruit the exact talent you need by position, location, certifications, education, skills. We personally speak with and vet every candidate, wasting your time is not an option.

We don’t just send you resumes like others do.

Our years of experience and approach returns the most qualifies search results of any auto-recruiting service, and receive subscription updates on new listings with free email alerts.

Group Campaigns

Personalized Staffing Campaigns.

We offer personalized campaigns for dealers seeking more than one candidate.

With decades of experience in the automotive industry we can customize your campaign to meet the unique challenges you face finding top-rated talent. 

Our services are designed to be efficient, effective and affordable. We identify and present quality personnel that will meet your dealership staffing needs.

Outsourced Recruiting

Auto Dealership Staffing.

We’ve got you covered with our full-service recruiting service! So you can focus more on candidate engagement & team collaboration.

Our recruiting executives work to prospect for candidates, review inquiries, set interview appointments and prequalify candidates for available positions focused on finding you the best candidates possible, while your experienced in-house staff focuses on final qualification & hiring.


Personal and Confidential Connections.

To work with BB Auto Recruiting, simply provide us with your resume along with a completed register form. There is no-charge to candidates and our staffing team will reach out to learn more about your ideal position, location, compensation needs and more.

We are not a job board, we are a hands on one-to-one service.

Our network of opportunities includes Automotive Dealerships, Independent Repair Shops, Automotive Repair Franchises, and Aftermarket Performance Companies throughout the United States. Resume Services available.